The Computer Centre has 201 PCs and out of those 30 machines are used for browsing in e-resource centre. Five machines are dedicated to Computer Centre’s research lab. The others are dedicated for doing practicals ranging from Linux Administration to Android app development training.

  • Availability of internet after class hours.
  • Availability of computers with high end configuration, mostly i7 machines.
  • Dedicated High Quality Network Duplex Laser printer with Scanner and Copier.
  • Developing and Implementing software and apps in FOSS.
  • Computer Centre is located in the ground floor of main building.
  • All PCs are connected to one central Linux Server via LAN & internet.
  • Faculties and technical assistants assist students in Computer Centre.
Service Co-Ordination
  • Service co-ordination is offered by the Centre for the maintenance of
  • Computer Systems & Peripherals
  • E-Library – Digital Library using GNU/Linux Kernel 4.5 – Distribution Linux Mint 18.3
  • Admission Works.
  • Campus Networking
  • Internet
  • Projector Services
  • Common Printing System, Scanner and Copier Services
  • Wireless
  • Online Exam
  • Student’s Feedback
  • Staff Details
Network Details
  • IP Routing - Firewall
  • Speed = 16 Mbps – Leased Line
Future Plan
  • Setting up a server Rack and connecting all the systems to it.
  • The terminals will be thin client.
Open Source Packages Used By Students:
  • Web Server – Apache 2.6
  • Scripting – PHP
  • Database – MySQL Server, Postgresql and SQLite
  • Moile App Development - Android Studio
  • Programming Languages - C/C++ - GNU Compiler Collection Version 5.04
  • Java Programming - OpenJDK 11
  • CASE Tool – Dia Diagraming, ArgoUML
  • Office Package – LibreOffice
  • Operating System – GNU/Linux Kernel – 4.15. Distribution – Ubntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver
  • Development IDE – Eclipse

Research is essential for any institution, community or a society to move forward. Without scientific enquiry there is no knowledge. SAASC is always at the forefront in facilitating knowledge development and sharing. A part of SAASC, SRRCARS was created solely for the benefit of research communities inside and outside the institution. It encourages researchers by providing state of art facilities for physical, chemical and biological research. The research centre was established in 2012. The activities and scientific research pursued at the SRRCARS is being documented in the report submitted to DSIR during the renewal of SIRO once in 3 years. SRRCARS works on following major thrust area of research such as Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Synthesis of new chemical substances, Molecular Biology, Mammalian Cell Culture, Phytomedicines with bactericidal activity and Drug delivery. It is a matter of pride that the student and research scholars of various Colleges and even Universities are utilizing the facilities of SRRCARS for their research.

Vision & Mission

“The vision of SRRCARS is to build a vibrant research culture by assisting and enhancing the research competence among students and researchers. Our mission is to inspire society and the researchers through discovering, applying and sharing knowledge”.

# Name Designation
1 Dr.N.Agnel Arul John Director – SRRCARS
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
2 Dr.V.Rashmi Co-ordinator – SRRCARS
Assistant Professor
Department of Microbiology
3 Ms.S.K.Gunavathy Co-ordinator – SRRCARS
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Instruments at SRRCARS
# Instrument Name
1 ELIZA Reader
2 Heating Mantle (1000ml)
3 Photo Flourimeter
4 Rotary vacuum evaporator
5 Soxhlet extraction
6 Biological safety cabinet
7 Autoclave
8 CO2 incubator
9 Western blot
10 Inverted microscope
11 Single Beam spectrophotometer
12 Polymerase Chain Reaction Unit
13 pH Meter
14 Haematological Analyzer
15 Miilipore Unit
16 Electronic Balance
17 Serological Water bath
18 Incubator
19 Laminar Airflow Chamber
20 Centrifuge
21 Microscope
Requisition Form
# Requisition Forms Download
1 Requisition Form - Internal
2 Requisition Form - External