Code of Conduct

Discipline takes priority over other things in the campus and strictly enforced. Students are to strictly follow the rules and regulations and instructions that may be issued from time to time. Any breach of etiquette or property or conduct affecting the repetition of the institution will be viewed seriously. Any student or group of students indulging in whistling, cat-calling or any other act of indiscipline will be summarily will be dismissed from the college.

Rules and Regulations for Students

Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College strives to build a thriving learning culture, responsive to the needs of the community at large through affordable value based education. It also aims to create a dynamic, optimistic, committed community of educated youth by providing a conducive learning environment at affordable cost and proper training to empower them with the leadership potentials and employable skills. The college management has it as a mission to inculcate discipline with good conduct, character and integrity in every student. It is the earnest desire of the management that the students should extend their full co-operation to fulfill this mission.


Punctuality is a prime consideration and those who are late will not be allowed into classes

Entry/ Exit through the main gate

Vehicles of students should be parked in the area provided. All students should enter and exit the campus through the main gate.

Leave Rules

Leave exceeding fifteen days requires the sanctions of the Principal. The parent should seek sanction in person well in advance.


Students securing 75% of attendance in the semester are eligible to register for the examination, Students those securing attendance between 65% and 74% should pay the prescribed condonation fee, Students who have attendance between 50% and 64% shall apply for condonation in prescribed form with the prescribed fee along with the Medical Certificate and those below 50% of attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination. They shall re-do the semester(s) after completion of the Programme.

Attendance - Internal Examination and Tests

Attendance for the examination and tests is compulsory. Absence for the internal examination and tests will have serious consequences, including that off denying admission to university examination. Those who want to avail themselves of leave of absence on genuine grounds should seek prior permission from the HOD.

Malpractice in examinations

Any form of copying in an examination is an offence. A student found copying, attempting to copy or engaging in conversation with another student he/she is liable to be punished under the provision of the regulation of the institution.

Discipline and Code of Conduct

Discipline takes priority over other things in the campus and is strictly enforced. Students are to strictly follow the rules and regulations and instructions that may be issued from time to time.

Any breach of etiquette or property or conduct affecting the reputation of the instruction will be viewed seriously. Any students / group of students indulging in whistling, cat-calling or any other acts of indiscipline will be summarily dismissed from the college.


Students indulging in ragging / teasing of fellow students in the college campus / hostel will be dismissed from the college and information will be filled with police for criminal action.

Students are instructed and expected to behave and conduct themselves with dignity and decorum outside the college also.

Notice Board

It is the duty of all students to see the notice boards as a daily routine. Plea of ignorance of any notice put up on the board will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.

Dress Code

The students are to dress neatly and modestly. Round necked T-Shirts / Printed Banians, Dhothies are strictly prohibited. Girls wearing salwar should see that the duppattas are neatly pinned.

Health and Hygiene

Personal hygiene and keeping the environment clean and tidy are a must. Any student found chewing nuts, paan, smoking and using intoxicating products in the campus will be dismissed from the college immediately. Legal action will be taken against students found smoking near the college campus. No collection of money or selling tickets of any nature is permitted.

Cell Phones

Students are strictly prohibited from using cell phones within campus and students found using them will forfeit the instrument.

Field Trips / Educational Tours

Local field visits to various institutions, places relevant to subjects, will be arranged to enrich the knowledge of the students.

College property

Severe action will be taken against students found causing damage to college property. If the individual is not identified the cost of the damaged property will be collectively recovered from all.

  • The teaching faculty should strictly adhere to the preset timing.
  • Late punching will be considered as permission and after two such permissions it will be considered as half a day CL
  • No permission will be given to leave the campus before the end of the working hours (09.00 am – 04.30 pm)
Permission & Casual leave
  • The teaching faculty can avail two permissions per month, either in the first or the last working hour and no permission can be availed during the working hours.
  • In an academic year teachers can avail 12 days of CL, after which the leave will be considered as LOP.
  • Special permission can be availed to meet Ph.D supervisor (One per month).
  • The month of May will be declared as Vacation for staff provided there are no special activities in the college.
  • The vacation may be cancelled if circumstances demand.
  • There will be no winter vacation.
  • The work load of the teaching faculty will be 20 hrs/week. They must handle classes using smart projectors
  • Every teacher is expected to prepare lessons for the smart class and they can impart innovative methods of teaching
  • Classes should be learner oriented and should complete the portions on time.
  • Lesson plan has to be prepared well in advance and should adhere to it.
  • The teaching faculty can provide study material to the students.
  • The teaching faculty shall conduct internal tests; shall give activity based assignments to students and should submit the marks within the stipulated time to the COE.
Other Duties
  • Every staff member will be assigned additional duties.
  • Staff will be members of various committees of the college and are expected to carry out all the duties assigned.
  • The members will be holding responsibility as co curricular club co-ordinators and they should conduct activities to keep the respective club vibrant.

  • Non-Teaching staff working in the college office or departments should remain on duty during college hours (9.00 am to 4.30 p.m).
  • Non-Teaching staff must always wear their ID cards during working hours.
  • Non-Teaching staff assigned to Laboratories should keep the Labs clean.
  • Any loss or damage to any article in the lab or class room should be reported to the HOD in writing immediately.
  • Non-Teaching Staff, working in the lab, shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipments, chemicals, etc. It shall be submitted to the HOD and the Principal at the end of each semester and get their signatures.
  • For articles damaged by the students, a separate register should be maintained and brought to the notice of the HOD. At the end of the academic year the consolidated list should be submitted to the office and the students should be instructed to pay the amount due (calculated based on the damage caused by the student) in the college office.
  • Non-Teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.
  • One week vacation will be granted to non teaching staff.