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Mind Club


Dr.S.Sasikala Alias Annamalai(Assistant Professor) Department of Social work,


The motto of mind club is ‘Let’s talk. One of the WHO theme for mental health and wellbeing. The motto implies that all the problems related to friends, teachers, institutional, Society, and relationships could be solved by talking with another person. The club identifies and train peer counselors, and conduct special campaign programme include seminars, awareness events by club members on work mental health day. It is the initiative of Dr.K.Ramakrishnan, Founder Director, Athma Education and Research Foundation, Thillainagar. On 30/12/2021 MoU signed between Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College and Athma- Mind Club to work together to achieve the following objectives.

  • To bring positive attitude among youth in academics, environment and life.
  • To train peer counselors’ to help colleagues with emotional problems
  • To identify students who have emotional issues and to provide psychological counseling
  • To promote mental & physical wellbeing among youth
  • To conduct surveys and research for the improvement of services.
# Date Programme Resource person
1 17/3/22 Inauguration of Mind Club& release of Logo Dr.K.Ramakrishnan, Founder Director, Athma- Hospitals and Research, Trichy-05.
2 11/4/22 & 13/4/22 Orientation Programme on Peer Counseling Dr.R.Geetha Rajeswari
Mr.Karan Louis
Athma- Hospitals and Research
3 10/08/2022 Healthy Teens Ms.Nirmala Devi,Psychiatric Social Worker,Athma Hospitals.
4 17/10/2022 Mental Health Awareness Rally Dr.M.Pitchaimani, Principal,SAASC (A)
Dr.Rajaram, Psychiatrist, Athma Hospitals.