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About the Department

  • To create enrichment in knowledge of plant kingdom through need based teaching and practical approach.
  • To occupy a prominent place amongst the most eminent botanical institution of the nation.

  • To impart quality education to students.
  • To develop an aptitude towards science and nature.
  • To educate, engage and empower students beyond textbooks.
  • To promote education as a vehicle for rural students and first-generation learners.
  • To create change makers and restoring the classical values of Botany.
  • To instigate recent trends in the syllabus.
  • To bestow highly qualified and well-experienced faculty.
Milestone Achieved
  • Attained Autonomous status
  • Increased student’s strength from 2010
  • Cent percentage result with university rank during 2011-15
  • Obtained university first rank in the year 2014, 2016
  • Obtained university fifth rank in the year 2018
  • Started PG programme in the year 2018
  • Obtained university fifth rank in the year 2019
  • MoU signed with Forestry Extension Division, P.K. Agaram, Trichy in 2020
  • We obtained UGC NSQf Diploma and Certificate Courses 2020-2021