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Youth Red Cross

  • Dr.J.Arulmani
  • Ms.A.Arunmozhi

YRC Club has involved more than 300 volunteers in social activities and inculcates discipline in them. It makes the volunteers realise their social responsibilities towards their countrymen, especially the poor and downtrodden.

  • Training the zealous students to develop a sense of social service
  • Promoting health, hygiene and sanitation among the members of the society
  • Promoting and developing friendship and leadership qualities and good personality traits among the students
Students Representatives and number of members
Name Class Designation
R.Prasanna Venkatesan III. B.Com C President
S.Chandru II.B.S.C Vice President
S.R.Sutharshanan III. B.Com C Secretary
R.Ishvarya III. B.Com C Joint Secretary
R.Gowtham II BBA A Treasure
T.Shamsarma PRO III. B.Com C
No. of Student Members: 300.


Date Title Resource Person No of Participants
18-8-2018 YRC -Inauguration
“Disaster Management”
Er.G.Rajasekaran, Secretary Indra Ganesan College of Engineeering Chairman IRCS -Trichy
Mr.P.Mohan,State member, Joint secretary IRCS -Trichy