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  • To protect women staff and students associated with the college from any sort of injustice and problems of any nature directly or indirectly.
  • To develop self-confidence of Women through training programmes.
  • To educate about Laws related to Women Welfare, Women rights, Self defence mechanisms etc.
  • To highlight the importance of health, nutrition and hygiene.
  • To organize seminars, workshops relating to women development and empowerment
Staff Coordinators
Name of the staff and department Position held in the club
Department of Social Work- Co-ordinator
Department of Computer Science- Programme Officer
Department of Chemistry- Programme Officer
Department of English- Programme Officer
Events Organised
  • An awareness programme on "What is Feminism?" was organised on 28.12.2018. Dr.R.P. Rajeswari – Dean of Arts was the resource person. She inspired the beneficiaries by her thought provoking ideas. She spoke on the rights of women and proper utilisation of those rights. All girl students of our College from various streams got benefitted.
  • Women's Day was celebrated on 08.03.2019 All girl students and female staff joined the celebration by following the colour of the day – PINK. Prizes and Certificates were issued to the winner and runner of various competitions (Mehendi, Hair-do, Cook without fire, Face make-up) conducted on 06.03.2019 as a part of Women's day celebration. Finally, women supporting staff were honoured with the contribution made by our male staff members.

The annual contribution made by our women staff were utilised to pay the semester fees of the following deserving students:

  • Rs.17000 /- was given to Ms.Thilagavathi of II B.Sc.Maths to pay her both odd and even semester fees
  • Rs.4000/- was given to Ms.Sathya of III BBA A to pay her odd semester fees
  • Rs.5830/- was given to Ms.Saranya of I B.Com.C to pay her odd semester fees
Future Plan
  • Observance of National / International days related to the months
  • To conduct distribution drives like educational kit, books, cloths, etc to the nearby slums through NGOs working for urban poor
  • To pool the single mothers (who are the street vendors) of our students and provide them training to improve their living. They will be invited to talk among our students to express their expectations from the children.
  • To introduce Josh Talk platform for students to express themselves
  • To introduce a quaterly newsletter completely contributed by students on women in the Month of March 2022
  • A week long programme as observance of Women’s Day. This includes painting, poster, photography, poem, 90 seconds movie, etc
Office Bearers
S.No Name of the student Class Department Position held
1 S.Jeevitha III B.Com.A Commerce Chairman
2 Lavanya II BBA A Management Secretary
3 Vijayaharini II B.Sc.Maths B Maths Joint Secretary
4 K.Divya II B.Sc.CS 'B' Computer Science Treasurer
5 M.Subbulakshmi II B.Com. A Commerce Joint Treasurer