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Facilities Available

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# Name of the Instrument Importance of the Instrument
1 Ultrasonic Interferometer Mittal -1*3 MHz To determine the speed of ultrasonic wave in a non-electrolytic liquid
2 Thermostatic Bath "Raagaa"Model R/w 2 Maintaining steady temperature.
3 Ostwald Viscometer with holder To determine the viscosity of liquids
4 Laser set Used as a particle size analyzer, thickness of insulation in a wire.
5 Digital pH Meter - Elico To find the acidic/ basic nature of the substance
6 Digital Conductivity Meter To determine the electrical conductivity of liquids
7 Ballastic Galvometer It is used to measure the quantity of charge precisely.
8 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate - 1, without hot plate – 1, Magnetic pellet For chemical synthesis and mixing at various temperature.
9 Arc Setup with 5amp Current Power Supply It is used as a source to record the spectral lines on photographic plates.
10 Guoy's balance A device to measure the magnetic susceptibility of a sample
11 Michelson Interfreometer (AJAY model ASI 16985) To determine the wavelength of a source and distance travelled by the light.
12 Forbes Thermal conductivity Apparatus with Iron rod (sample rod) Thermal conductivity of the samples can be measured
13 Quincke's setup with stand A device to determine the magnetic susceptibility of a sample
14 Polarimeter - Setup with tube Polarizability of a given solution can be measured.
15 Optical Bench To perform optical experiments for the determination of wavelength of light source.
16 Four Probe Setup - Model DEP-02, Oven &Sample - Ge (Each) To determine the electrical conductivity of a material
17 Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer, RF Oscillator, Helmholtz Coil Molecular characterization
18 Planck's Constant Apparatus To determine Planck's constant value using different wavelengths.