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Research project completed / ongoing
S. No Name of the Principal Investigator Title of the Sanctioned Project Sanctioning Authority / Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned in Rs. Project Tenure Status of the Project
1 Dr.G.Thiruneelakandan Studies on anticancer proteins synthesized by marine lactobacilli UGC 1079800 (2012-2015) Completed
2 Dr.C.Thiyagarajan Structure based drug design and ligand based drug designing for MurA inhibitors of MDR pathogen UGC 270000 2014 -2016 Completed
3 Dr.S.Vidya Antimicrobial activity of medicated pot against pathogenic microbes TNSTC 10000 (2017-2018) Completed
4 Dr.S.Vidya Nutritional profile and antimicrobial activity of Fermented rice (Palazha soru) – A step to redeem our traditional practices. TNSTC 7500 (2018-2019) Completed