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Facilities Available

  • Highly trained and qualified faculty (7 doctorates).
  • Regularly reviewing and developing curricula that meet the needs and expectations of students, and make them relevant and adaptable to the changing needs in the discipline of microbiology.
  • Publication in peer reviewed journals with high impact factor.
  • Innovative teaching methods employed to stimulate scientific temper among students.
  • Promoting organic farming amongst farmers as prime social responsibility.
  • Creating young entrepreneurs by training students in organic farming.
  • Cent per cent results consecutively.
  • Consecutively organizing Annual Health (hb and BMI) camp for students and staff to create health awareness.
  • Regularly monitoring the quality of water in the college campus through microbiological techniques.
  • Industrial visits to impart awareness on applied microbiology
  • Generating revenue through Terrace gardening, Vermicomposting, Mushroom and Azolla cultivation.
# Name of the Instrument Importance of the Instrument
1 Phase Contrast Microscope Phase contrast is the most frequently used method in biological light microscopy. It is an established microscopy technique in cell culture and live cell imaging. By this microscopic technique living cells can be observed in their natural state without previous fixation or labeling.
2 Trinocular Microscope A trinocular microscope allows the user to take pictures.It also helps to record videos, which can be saved for future references. It is used to still images and videos which can give more details after repeated observations. In a clinical setting, It is beneficial for health care professionals who can digitally share the images/videos with other professionals for consultation and more analysis
3 Cooling Centrifuge Cooling centrifuges are used for samples that need a consistent range of temperature. For the most part, the temperature range of refrigerated centrifuges is between -20 and -40c. This range makes them ideal for the analysis of DNA, RNA, PCR and antibodies.
4 BOD Incubator BOD Incubator (Bio-Oxygen Demand) are used to maintain temperature for test tissue culture growth, storage of bacterial cultures and incubation where high degree of constant temperature accuracy is required.
5 Laminar air flow chamber Laminar flow hoods are ventilation devices used within the lab to provide an aseptic work area that helps protect both the laboratory personnel and the materials they are working with. It has UV lamp and HEPA filters to sterilize the interior and contents before usage to prevent contamination of experiment.
6 Tissue culture Rack Tissue culture rack is widely used for tissue culture in plants & other tissue culture work in a culture lab.
  • Providing training for Mushroom cultivation, Vermicomposting and organic farming to create entrepreneurship among students
  • Organizing interdepartmental programs
  • Organizing Microgalaxy – An State level Intercollegiate Meet
  • Organizing Workshop and Seminars.
  • Organizing Industrial visit and educational tours
  • Smart board teaching
  • E-Content development
  • Online Lectures for students