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Legal Literacy club

  • Dr.A.Arun Prakash
  • The main aim of this club is to create awareness among students about their constitutional rights, duties and legal obligations.
  • To spread Legal Literacy and awareness in their neighbourhood and act as a bridge between the needy and service provider.

The students will be informed general issues like female foeticide, child marriage and dowry prohibition, protection of children against sexual offences act, juvenile justice act, prevention of damage to the public property act, rights of disabled persons, right to education and information, ragging, road safety, common laws against domestic violence, protection of women rights etc. It plays a vital role in promoting legal awareness among citizens.

Events (Academic year Year-2018-19)
Date Title Resource Person No of Participants
13.05.2018 Personal Health & Hygienic Mr. Thirumalai 60
13.05.2018 Mothers’ Day SHG Heads 132
08.09.2018 Literacy Day SHG Heads 76
08.03.2018 International Women’s Day SHG Heads 189
06.11.2018 Importance of Education Mr.T.Gopinath Advocate 60
10.12.2018 Human Rights Day SHG Heads 92