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Leo Club

  • Dr.C.Thiyagarajan
  • Dr.G.Muthukumar
  • To provide the youth of the world an opportunity in contributing for the development of society and serve individually and collectively as responsible members of the local, national and international community.
  • To stimulate an acceptance of high ethical standards and values among its members.
  • To inculcate Leadership skills.
  • To Promote international understanding and peace.
Students Representatives and number of members

Members: 85

List of Office Bearers (2022-2023) Designation Name Department
01 President I.JOSHVA JOEL II M.Sc Microbiology
02 Secretary T.SURIYA PRAKASH I M.SC Microbiology
Date Title Resource Person No of Participants
20.07.2022 Do something for stress relief Motivational trainer and Music teacher, Radiant CBSE School, Tanjore 30
2.11.2021 Deepavali Festival, Non-teaching SAASC - 26
1.11.2021 Deepavali Festival, Karunai illam, M.I.E.T, Trichy - 12
1.11.2021 Deepavali Festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T ,Trichy - 87
28.9.2021 TNPSC motivation programme Mr. Suresh Samuel,Founder Suresh IAS Academy, Thoothukudi 225
09.1.2021 Pongal festival, Anbalayam M.I.E.T ,Trichy - 85
10.11.2020 Deepavali Festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T ,Trichy - 87
23.10.2019 Deepavali Festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T ,Trichy - 95
09.01.2019 Awareness Programme on How to success in IAS, IPS, TNPSC Competitive Exam Smart Leaders IAS Academic, Chennai. 450
29.10.2018 Deepavali Festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T and Vellanur Trust, Lalgudi - 123
12.10.2017 Deepavali Festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T and Synthika Trust Vellanur , Lalgudi Trichy - 127
10.01.2017 Pongal festival, Anbalayam, M.I.E.T - 84