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Leo Club

  • Dr.C.Thiyagarajan
  • To provide the youth of the world an opportunity in contributing for the development of society and serve individually and collectively as responsible members of the local, national and international community.
  • To stimulate an acceptance of high ethical standards and values among its members.
  • To inculcate Leadership skills.
  • To Promote international understanding and peace.
Students Representatives and number of members

Members: 55

List of Office Bearers (2018-2019) Designation Name Department
01 President R.Balasubramani II M.Sc MB
02 Vice president R.Gopinath II B.Sc MB
03 Secretary T.Bharathiraja II M.Sc MB
04 Joint secretary J.Aravinthan II B.Com
05 Treasurer M.Santhosh II B.COM
Events Date Title Resource Person No of Participants
01 29/10/2018 Deepavali Celebration at Anbalayam, M.I.E.T, Trichy. --- 20
02 29/10/2018 Deepavali Celebration at Vellanur Trust, Lalgudi, Trichy --- 15
03 01/11/2018 Deepavali Celebration with Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College, Trichy. ---
04 09/01/2019 IAS,IPS,TNPSC Competitive Exam-Awareness Programme Smart Leaders IAS Academic, Chennai. 450