Village Adoption Programme

Co-Ordinators : Dr.A.Arun Prakash, Assistant Professor, Department of Social work


“Village Adoption means to work along with the community at the grass root level, while enabling / empowering them for pursuing the goal of development of the village in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and learning as to what works and what doesn’t and evolve a model of village development for replication and trainings”.
To create lasting change in the lives of people of the village(s) with special focus on disadvantaged groups by Sustainable and inclusive growth, with adequate opportunity for every person to lead a useful and productive life to his or her full potential”.
Villaga adoption programme was initiated in the year 2005 Panayapuram village was adopted and Theerampalayam village and Gandhiyar Middle Schhol of that village was adopted in 2012 and we are working in the village with the following objectives.
a) To help in the upliftment of weaker section
b) to enrich the status of the vulnerable both socially and economically
c) To create awareness based on the need of the comunity
d) To yield self-development among the community by helping the people to help themselves
e) To reduce schoo; drop out and illiteracy in the community

Awards and achievement of the club/Individual:


Contribution to the college/Community if any


Date Title Resource Person No of Participants
13.05.2018 Personal Health & Hygienic Mr. Thirumalai 60
13.05.2018 Mothers’ Day SHG Heads 132
08.09.2018 Literacy Day SHG Heads 76
08.03.2018 International Womens’ Day SHG Heads 189
06.11.2018 Importance of Education Mr.T.Gopinath Advocate 60
10.12.2018 Human Rights Day SHG Heads 92