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Programmes Offered

B.Sc Computer Science
Programme Outcome
  • Ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science fundamentals to solve problems.
  • Understand the basic concepts of system software, hardware and evolution of computer graphics.
  • Ability to work in teams to build software systems.
  • Understand the basic concept of computer architectures, including computer Hardware.
  • Design, and analyze precise specifications of algorithms, procedures, and interaction behavior.
  • Ability to use a range of programming languages and tools to develop computer programs to solve problems
Programme Specific Outcome:
  • To demonstrate the ability to extend current knowledge and/or skills to a computing environment or problem currently unknown to the student.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems in the discipline.
  • Ability to work in teams to build software systems.
  • Students will learn and demonstrate standards of professional behavior, including rules of ethics and etiquette.
  • Students will develop and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a group on a common problem.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to search the relevant literature of the discipline to find information that addresses a specific problem.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a technical document.
  • tudents will demonstrate the ability to give an effective presentation using visual aids and/or software demonstrations.
Programme Outcome
  • Ability to work in team work in software industry.
  • To equips the students with skills required for designing, developing applications in Information Technology.
  • Students will able to learn the latest trends in various subjects of computers & information Technology.
  • Ability to gather knowledge that can be effectively used in developing business and scientific applications.
  • After getting basic knowledge students can join other fields of computer like networking, network administrator, web developers etc.
Programme Specific Outcome:
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt to technological changes and innovations in the discipline.
  • Analyze, design, implement and evaluate computerized solutions to real life problems, using appropriate computing methods.
  • Proficiency in the basic mathematics employed in computer science.
  • Differentiate among essential data structures used in computer programming, and explain how they work.
  • Gain knowledge of algorithms and their role in computer science.
  • Identify, explain and apply fundamental structured programming techniques.
  • Utilize important data structures and associated algorithms in the development of computer programs.
Master of Computer Application
Programme Outcome
  • Apply the knowledge of mathematics and computing fundamentals to various real life applications for any given requirement.
  • Design and develop applications to analyze and solve all computer science related problems.
  • Design applications for any desired needs with appropriate considerations for any specific need on societal and environmental aspects.
  • Analyze and review literatures to invoke the research skills to design, interpret and make inferences from the resulting data.
  • Integrate and apply efficiently the contemporary IT tools to all computer applications.
  • Solve and work with a professional context pertaining to ethics, social, cultural and cyber regulations.
  • Involve in perennial learning for a continued career development and progress as a computer professional.
  • Function effectively both as a team leader and team member on multidisciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills.
  • Communicate effectively and present technical information in oral and written reports.
Programme Specific Outcome:
  • Understand and apply knowledge on analysis, design and development of applications in the computing discipline.
  • Use modern technologies, skill and knowledge for computing practice with commitment on societal, ethical, environmental, cyber and legal values.
  • Develop competence in basic technical subjects in computer applications like Programming Languages, Data Structures, Databases, Operating Systems, Software Engineering.
  • Identify, analyze, formulate and develop computer applications.
  • Map real life scenarios to various theoretical optimal solutions.
  • Provide simplest automated solutions to various legacy systems.
  • Use modern computing tools and techniques with confidence.
  • Work professionally with positive attitude as an individual or in multidisciplinary teams and communicate effectively.
M.Sc Information Technology
Programme Outcome
  • An ability to use IT skills in decision making, by analyzing problems, developing solutions and explaining findings.
  • Recognizes ethical and professional responsibilities in IT.
  • Realizes the importance of, and engages in, lifelong learning and continuous professional development.
  • An ability to use effective teamwork skills while working with groups.
  • An ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing to both technical and general audiences.
  • Ability to think critically, apply reasoning and logic, and analyze arguments
  • Ability to analyze information and infer results and interpretations.
Programme Specific Outcome:
  • Develop a deep understanding of advanced IT knowledge in the areas of databases, networks and information security, web technologies, big data and linked data.
  • Design an IT solution using best practices and standard methodologies in the field.
  • Implement, and test an IT solution, and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Develop a project plan to achieve an objective.
M.Phil Computer Science
Programme Outcome
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of research methodologies and techniques at an advanced level and Conduct innovative, high-impact and leading edge research.
  • Provide novel solutions to complex problems and Demonstrate adherence to personal and professional ethics.
  • Demonstrate leadership and advocacy skills.
Programme Specific Outcome:
  • M. Phil. Computer Science is a programme that aims at preparing students to be able to tackle technical issues prevailing in the competitive world of computer science and information technology.
  • Develop scholars into mature researchers and able to make original scientific contributions that have both practical significance and a rigorous, elegant theoretical grounding that underpins the various areas of Computer Science and IT.
  • Motivate and orient scholars to do research with proper baseline.
  • Develop professionals and teachers with strong analytical and synthesizing capability with innovative and creative thinking that can instill to student community to develop a strong Scientific community.
  • Students pursuing this course show ability in the critical evaluation of research techniques and methodologies.