The Computer Centre has 201 PCs and out of those 29 machines are used for browsing in e-resource centre. Five machines are dedicated to Computer Centre’s research lab. The others are dedicated for doing practicals ranging from Linux Administration to Android app development training.

  • Availability of internet after class hours.
  • Availability of computers with high end configuration, mostly i7 machines.
  • Providing High Quality Network Duplex Laser printer with Scanner and Copier facilities.
  • Developing and Implementing software and apps in FOSS.
  • Computer Centre is located in the ground floor of main building.
  • All PCs are connected to one central Linux Server via LAN & internet.
  • Faculties and technical assistants assist students in Computer Centre.

Department Faculty

Mr. K.Kalyanasundaram

BCA.,.Dip.HW.,Dip.Yoga.,( Yoga)
System Administartion

Network Engineer

Mr. N.Senthil Kumar
Assistant Professor

Technical Asst

System Administartion

Service Co-Ordination
  • Service co-ordination is offered by the Centre for the maintenance of Computer Systems & Peripherals
  • E-Library – Digital Library using GNU/Linux Kernel 4.5 – Distribution Linux Mint 18.3
  • Admission Works.
  • Campus Networking
  • Internet
  • Projector Services
  • Common Printing System, Scanner and Copier Services
  • Wireless
  • Online Exam
  • Student’s Feedback
  • Staff Details

Network Details
  • IP Routing - Firewall
  • Speed = 32 Mbps – Leased Line

Future Plan
  • Setting up a server rack and connecting all the systems to it.
  • The Thin client terminals are to be established.

Open Source Packages
  • Web Server – Apache 2.6
  • Scripting – PHP
  • Database – MySQL Server, Postgresql and SQLite
  • Mobile App Development - Android Studio
  • Programming Languages - C/C++ - GNU Compiler Collection Version 5.04
  • Java Programming - OpenJDK 11
  • CASE Tool – Dia Diagraming, ArgoUML
  • Office Package – LibreOffice
  • Operating System – GNU/Linux Kernel – 4.15. Distribution – Ubntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver
  • Development IDE – Eclipse