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Citizen Consumer Club

  • Dr. M.G. Prasanna Vanitha, Assistant Professor,Department of Commerce.
  • Dr. R. Gopi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics.

People buy a variety of goods and services for their day-to-day activities. A person pays for what he wants to purchase and hopes to be satisfied with its consumption and use.This satisfaction cannot be ensured with the products that are bought. This may be caused due to the poor quality of a product, overcharging a product, lower quantity of contents and misleading advertisements. Malpractice can be averted with the concept and practice of consumer protection that highlights the rights and responsibilities of consumers including the legal provisions and mechanism for settlement of consumer grievances.


Citizen Consumer Club objective is to create awareness to the students on unfair trade practices and educating them about consumer rights and responsibilities and insight on how to redress their grievances.

Contribution to the college

Last year our club received Rs.5,000 from Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection and Empowerment, Chennai.The club has created an awareness to students about consumer education, rights and responsibilities..

Students Representatives and number of members:

Name Class Designation
V. Dhinesh III B.Com ‘B’ President
S. Kavya III 'F' Vice- President
T.S. Rengasri III B.Com 'B' Secretary
K. Kishore Kumar III B.Com ‘F’ Joint Secretary
R.Pragatheeswaran I B.Lit Treasurer
Number of Members
  • Boys 100
  • Girls 150
Programme list for Academic Year- 2021-2022
  • National Level E-Quiz on Consumer Education 253
  • Special lecture on “Fundamental rights of Consumer” 72
  • Special lecure on “Consumer Grievances and Redressal” 51



National Consumer Protection Day Celebration 2019 celebrated by Collectorate, Tiruchirappalli. They organised various competition for college students. In our college student S. Parkavan, III B.Com student got a second prize in drawing competition. The prize distributed by our District Collector, Tiruchirappalli.