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Citizen Consumer Club

Citizen Consumer Club was inaugurated in the year 2005.The club was established for the purpose of spreading awareness about consumer rights among the students and to help consumers get justice when affected.

  • To create awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities and unfair trade practices among the students and to provide them with insights on redressing their grievances.

Dr. R.Gopi
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. M.G.Prasanna Vanitha
Assistant Professor of Commerce

Office Bearers Designation Name Department
01 President S. Rengasri II B.Com F
02 Vice president V. Sowmiya Narayanan II B.Com F
03 Secretary G. Apprameyan II B.Com F
04 Joint secretary N. Venkatarangan I B.Com E
05 Treasurer M. Padmavarshini I BBM