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As an important step, the college established a Career guidance and placement Cell in the year 2008 to address the diverse socio-economic challenges and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous population of students coming to the Colleges with the following principles:

  • To gather, analyse the information and create awareness amongst students on overseas higher education with scholarship opportunities, job avenues and placements in different institutions and concerns related to the courses that the College offers.
  • To facilitate the students through seminars, workshops etc on employability skills
  • To promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes towards national integration and removal of narrow provincial preferences and prejudices.

1 DR.P.GANESH VADIVEL Tamil 8838250133
2 Dr.C.JEEVARATHINAM Physics 9585092186
3 Dr.D.NAGARAJAN Maths 9715626135
4 Dr.S.K.GUNAVATHY Chemistry 9843984489
5 DR.S.SUJATHA Botany 9944180757-
6 MRS.R. LAKSHMI PRIYA English 9940772946
7 DR. G.MUTHUKUMAR BCOM 9790293988
8 DR.M. MANJULA Mlis 7904257596
9 MR.V.MADHAVAN MSW 9894454532
10 DR.R. SIVASUBRAMANIAN Biochemistry 9994378860
11 MS. S. SIVARANJANI Softskills 8903329940
12 Dr.D.SIVA Biotechnology 9791403693
13 DR.R.JEEVAPRIYA Microbiology 9791763913
14 MR.M. KUMARESAN Computer Science 9003555375
15 MR.T. DINESHKUMAR Computer Application 9344676265
16 DR. A. ISAI SELVAPERUMAL Viscom 9787250974
17 Dr. S. BHAWIYA ROOPAA Management 9790534346