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SAASC |  Andavan Alumni

About Alumni

Andavan Alumni Association (AAA) was established in the year 2006 with the aim to develop cordial relationship with the alumni students and to encourage, guide and motivate their young juniors by sharing their experience through their motivational talks and also to obtain feedback and suggestions for the further improvement of the college.

  • To provide a forum for the Alumni of SAASC and for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members and to new students.
  • To strengthen the professional bonds between SAASC and its alumni.
  • To plan, organise and encourage various value adding activities for its members such as professional lectures, training programs, conferences, seminars, Placements.
  • The Association shall be a non-profit organisation.
  • To extend medical support for the students
  • To identify and encourage outstanding students and to provide financial assistance to worthy students studying in SAASC.
  • To raise funds for the development of SAASC and AAA.
  • To extend possible Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service to the local community