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Automation Unit

  • The Automation Unit started functioning from september 2016. The primary purpose of establishing is to make a paper less office.
  • In order to computerise the management works and to make a paperless office by developing useful and secure applications , so that the day-to-day activities can be maintained by the office personnel.
  • The automation unit continues to develop and upgrade the softwares required for facilitating both academic and administration of the college worth of Rs 72,00,000 over the last five years to cut the cost of procuring and maintaining such softwares.

Department Faculty

Dr. G.Uma
MCA., M.Phil.,Ph.D
Assistant Professor & Head

Mr. P.Purusothaman
Assistant Professor & Software Developer

Software Developer

MCA.,Testing (Selenium)
Software Developer

Mr. K.Nitish kumar
Software Developer

Hardware and System software

  • Our Automation unit upgraded the Server facilities to cloud platform on 2021.
  • Dedicated Enhanced SSD Web Hosting Server with CentOS 7
  • 8 CPU cores - 16 GB RAM - 1 TB Storage (mirrored) SSD Storage.
  • 10 TB Network Bandwidth and unlimited subdomains and databases
  • IBM server machine (Intranet) with Intel Inside Xeon Processor of 3.1 GHz Octacore and 8GB RAM and 1024 GB of HDD.
  • The system is powered by CentOS GNU/Linux version 8 Kernel Version 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_3.x86_64.
  • Our web server is Apache version 2.4 and backend is MariaDB 10.

  • Software Development for staff (Management)
  • Online Admission Portal
  • Education Management System(SACEMS)
  • Transport Management System(TMS)
  • Asset Management System(AMS)
  • Health Care Management System(HCMS)
  • Venue Booking System(VBS)
  • Programme Organizing Applications
  • Office Internal Purpose Forms Automations
  • Software Development for students
  • Student Attendance Portal
  • Mentoring Final Year CS students
  • Students Mentoring Programme (SMP)
  • Alumni Registration Portal
  • Students Feedback
  • Online Exam Portal
  • Computer Lab Management System (CLM)
  • Online Payment Portal
  • Software Development for Library
  • Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
  • Srirangam Temple - Library
  • Digital Library
  • Website
  • College Website
  • INJRI Journal Website
  • Shishyas Website
  • Maintenance
  • G-suite