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Automation Unit

  • The Automation Unit started functioning from september 2016. The primary purpose of establishing is to make a paper less office.
  • In order to computerise the management works and to make a paperless office by developing useful and secure applications , so that the day-to-day activities can be maintained by the office personnel.

Department Faculty

Dr. G.Uma
MCA., M.Phil.,Ph.D
Assistant Professor & Head

Mr. P.Purusothaman
Software Developer

Software Developer

MCA.,Testing (Selenium)
Software Developer

Hardware and System software

  • Our Automation Server is a dedicated IBM server machine with Intel Inside Xeon Processor of 3.1 GHz Octacore and 8GB RAM and 1024 GB of HDD.
  • The system is powered by CentOS GNU/Linux version 8 Kernel Version 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_3.x86_64.
  • Our web server is Apache version 2.4 and backend is MariaDB 10.

  • Software Development for staff (Management)
  • Online Admission Portal
  • Education Management System(SACEMS)
  • Transport Management System(TMS)
  • Asset Management System(AMS)
  • Health Care Management System(HCMS)
  • Venue Booking System(VBS)
  • Programme Organizing Applications
  • Office Internal Purpose Forms Automations
  • Software Development for students
  • Student Attendance Portal
  • Mentoring Final Year CS students
  • Students Adoption Programme (SAP)
  • Alumni Registration Portal
  • Students Feedback
  • Online Exam Portal
  • Computer Lab Management System (CLM)
  • Online Payment Portal
  • Software Development for Library
  • Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
  • Srirangam Temple - Library
  • Digital Library
  • Website
  • College Website
  • INJRI Journal Website
  • Shishyas Website
  • Maintenance
  • G-suite