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“The vision of SRRCARS is to build a vibrant research culture by assisting and enhancing the research competence among students and researchers."


Our mission is to inspire society and the researchers through discovering, applying and sharing knowledge”.

SRRCARS – An Excellent Centre for Research in Sciences at State Level       

 Research is essential for any institution, community or a society to move forward. Without scientific enquiry there is no knowledge. SAASC is always at the forefront in facilitating knowledge development and sharing. A part of SAASC, SRRCARS was created solely for the benefit of research communities inside and outside the institution. It encourages researchers by providing state of art facilities for physical, chemical and biological research. The research centre was founded in 2012. The activities and scientific research pursued at the SRRCARS is being documented in the report submitted to DSIR during the renewal of SIRO once in 3 years. SRRCARS works on following major thrust area of research such as Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Synthesis of New chemical Substances, Molecular Biology, Animal Cell Culture, Phytomedicines as Bactericidal Activity and Drug Delivery. It is a matter of pride that the student and research scholars of various Colleges and even Universities have utilized the facilities of SRRCARS for their research.


Facilities Available in SRRCARS

            The SRRCARS has at its disposal the following core facilities and offers same to researchers. These amen enable the students and research community to access the advanced scientific equipments for their research. The facilities available in SRRCARS are also accessible to the outside scientific community (Researchers and Industrialists) to promote and encourage collaborative research.

Facilities Available in SRRCARS

S. No Instrument Name Amount (Rs)
1. ELIZA  Reader 2,38,500.00
2. Heating Mantle (1000ml) 4,000.00
3. Photo Flourimeter 41,000.00
4. Rotary vacuum evaporator 1,90,000.00
5. Soxhlet extraction 53,578.00
6. Biological safety cabinet 2,68,850.00
7. Autoclave 93,896.00
8. CO2 incubator 4,44,600.00
9. Western blot 27,720.00
10. Inverted microscope 5,09,865.00
11. Single Beam spectrophotometer 1,61,392.00
12. Polymerase Chain Reaction Unit 4,99,890.00
13. pH Meter 27,550.00
14. Haematological Analyzer 3,25,000.00
15. Miilipore Unit 5,66,500.00
16. Electronic Balance 76,000.00
17. Serological Water bath 12,794.00
18. Incubator 8,100.00
19. Laminar Airflow Chamber 52,000.00
20. Centrifuge 49,450.00
21. Microscope 35,000.00
Total 36,85,685.00


"Imagination is powerful than knowledge"
- Albert Einstein

Future Research Focus of SRRCARS

Today the innovation in science is spreading its arms like the way universe is spreading since Big Bang. Few 100 years ago man imagined flying in sky and today it is happening. “There are thousands of such examples where science has made miracles and made imagination a reality. Today’s imagination will become tomorrow’s reality with the speed science is growing”. The need of the hour is setting goals and working steadfastly to achieve it.

The objectives of future research of SRRCARS are as follows
 Analysing the genes that drive metastasis, the process by which Cancer spreads.
 Cancer Immunotherapy – Identification of strategies for Phytotherapeutics in which the self T cells are manipulated to readily attack cancer cells.
 Identification and determination of the role of Phytotherapeutics in expression of Fas receptors and caspases in order to promote apoptosis and thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
 Understanding the molecular basis of disease at both the diagnostic and treatment levels.
 Pathobiochemistry – Development of new and more phytomedicines against a particular abnormal condition that affects part or all of an organism.
 Discovering new phytomedicines that kill malarial parasites and Dengue Virus.
 New Drug Delivery System – Production of Microsphere with holes in order to dispense drugs to their targets.
 A "machine" that can sort material on molecular bases, transforming hazardous molecules into non-threatening forms.
 Synthesis and Characterization of new chemical substances and validation of the substances against currently untreatable diseases.
 Isolation and Characterization of Active constituents of traditional plants that are responsible for protecting or treating various life threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, coronary heart diseases, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, cirrhosis, dehydration etc.,


Sri Ranga Ramanuja Centre for Advanced Research in Sciences (SRRCARS)
Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College (Autonomous)
Nationally Reaccredited with “A” Grade by NAAC
An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution
No, 7. Nelson Road, Thiruvanaikovil
Tiruchirappalli – 620 005
TamilNadu, INDIA.
Phone: 7010223121, 9865447667